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7 Parenting Tips for Highly Sensitive Children

02 Nov 2010 | Posted Under Family
About 80% of children born today are highly sensitive “Psychic Kids”, with the mission to help transform our world. Change Thrivers Radio guests Andye Murphy and Gavin Harrill offered  a unique perspective to the whole family of these gifted children. We are all made up of energy and our energies have patterns that are reflected in our behaviors.
We discussed 3 types of energies; Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow. All people carry some degree of each type of energy but the characteristics are especially pronounced in some individuals where the predominant energy is Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow.
Indigo energy is fierce, intense, active and sometime destructive. Indigo people’s mission is to question the status quo and bring awareness to what is not working.
Crystal energy is gentle and highly sensitive. Crystal people are naturally in tune with the earth and are here to help us take a better care of our planet.
Rainbow energy is spiritually developed. Rainbow people have the ability to communicate beyond the 5 senses. They are leading us towards a more authentic life.
To effectively parent and educate these children:
1.     Listen -- be open to what they’re sharing even if you don’t believe it!
2.     Understand your child -- learn how they perceive our world and process information.
3.     Trust their words and what they are seeing (experiencing) is true by embracing and listening.  As their parent, you NEED to validate their experiences -- not tell them “they’re not real.”
4.     Talk about what is happening! -- you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the reactions of others.  More children are having these experiences than those who are not.  Break the silence:  The more we talk about it, the easier it gets for all of us.
5.     Seek support and guidance -- if feeling unable to embrace this part of them, then find resources who can support, encourage and empower them.
6.     Be honest These amazing kids and teens can read your energy as easily as watching television!!  You cannot hide your true energetic feelings, so don’t lie to them.  This only causes confusion and breeds distrust because they KNOW/SENSE you’re not being authentic.
7.     Lead by example -- do the right thing.  Teach responsibility, compassion and honesty through your everyday actions.  Whether you’re aware or not:  YOU are their role model!


Andye and Gavin coach parents through these new occurrences in their home:  Answering questions, normalizing the situation, and explaining what is happening.  They coach the kids and teens by having candid conversations identifying their gifts and creating a safe space to explore them. :


Andye & Gavin are offering a free article called “Parenting the Kids of Today:  Bringing Greater Awareness to Humanity” By Andye Murphy. Simply go to and signup for our gifts and receive 11 more downloadable gifts.

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