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Finding Love Social Experiment Needs Tampa Singles

Searching for 30 Tampa Bay Singles to Participate in a New Social Experiment

Are You Single & Ready to Find Love in the Next 6-12 Months?

Consider Helping Us Test the Innovative New Finding Love Success System and find love with your perfect partner in the process!

Hello Singles! Are you ready to do something different to attract and create love with your perfect partner? If so, would you consider being part of a new social experiment proving the new Finding Love Success System really work for singles of all ages, races and religious preferences?


Welcome! I’m Christine Marie White, Finding Love Mentor, Founder of the Finding Love Academy and Creator of the new Finding Love Success System. It has taken me 40 years to develop this new system and I believe it is ready to use to help others. Why do I think it will work for you? That’s easy. It worked for me. I don’t teach anything I have not proven out myself first. Just follow the same easy process to find love.

Yes! This system is responsible for my marriage to the most wonderful and perfect man for me. Jerry White, my White Knight, and I have had over eight years of Happily Ever After, married for five of those years. After an engagement, wedding, honeymoon, selling houses, moving, settling in a new home, turning my new system into online courses, I finally have all my secrets for success in an easy to follow format, ready for you to discover.

Right now I am looking for 30 singles in the Tampa Bay area who are willing to re-program their incorrect mental blueprint on love and dating to finally have success in love. Are you one?

Today’s Traditional dating has changed over the last 50 years. Those changes are no longer easily helping singles who want love with monogamy and long-term commitment, with or without marriage. I say, Traditional dating is outdated! It is extremely confusing and frustrating. Some singles are now giving up on finding love and they are settling for Recreational dating. However, friends-with-benefits and hooking-up is not what they really want. They really want a deep, lasting, committed love with one special person of the opposite sex. 

Because of the dating scene changing, singles have been getting incorrect information for a long time now. Those who you have learned from also received incorrect information. Your failing love life is no-ones fault, it’s only because you don’t know what you need to know in order to have success in love. There is nothing wrong with you and the person who shared the incorrect information with you didn’t do it intentionally. It’s what they were taught. It’s time for the truth.

If you are not happy with the dating scene today… it’s time to leave it behind. My Finding Love Success System just might be your answer. I want to prove to you that my system will work for you. I am ready to work with you to help you attract your perfect partner. 

I Met My Perfect Partner In Only 3 Months!

Love Partner.jpg

I am serious. I spent 40 years of my life searching, searching and searching some more. 40 years of my life being confused and frustrated. I wanted my Mr. Right, my soul mate, my perfect partner, not just another nice guy. So when I heard about using quantum physics science to find my perfect partner I gave it my all… and it worked! I met my husband in only 3 months! Then I met others who used this process and they had found love in only 3-6 months.

Ready to Stop Searching, Searching, Searching? Ready to Find Love Now?

What You Will Discover From the Finding Love Success System

  • Learn to attract quality dating partners, as well as your perfect partner, using quantum physics science and several universal laws; including the Law of Attraction. 
  • Learn to evaluate effectively to be sure you are with someone who is perfect for you, not just a nice person you think you can live with. 
  • Learn to correctly construct your lists for proper evaluating: never again date the wrong type of person or anyone not good for you.
  • Learn to stop sabotaging your success in love; eliminate incorrect thoughts and actions.
  • Discover what you don’t know but need to know to have success in dating and in love.
  • Discover the power of the mastermind group for faster results.
  • Date according to the new IntegrityDating process, which is based on healthy values and provides 5 easy to follow steps, taking you from meeting to marriage.
  • Rejoice as the power of the IntegrityDating process eliminates most all of your dating problems!
You Were Created to Be An Architect. You were given an imagination in order to create a wonderful life for yourself. It’s time to mentally create your perfect partner and your life together, build the vision and watch that person show up in your life! No more searching. No more waiting year after year. Watch it happen without real effort. I was very surprised at how easy it was.

Important Concepts Were Incorporated  
The IntegrityDating process is set up to help singles follow a healthy path of growth, one that will lay a solid foundation for a long-term committed relationship. Love grows when a win-win format is created first. Therefore, the woman is the prize the man needs to win and the man becomes her hero when he wins her heart. 

I am looking for 30 Tampa Bay area singles who are really ready to attract their perfect partner now and follow the innovative new IntegrityDating process. Will you be one of my mentoring students who will be guided into a true love relationship?

Here are a few instructions and qualifications: 

  1. You will be attending the Finding Love Academy which consists of online courses. Each one of them you will have full access to at all times and will be able to access with any of your devices. The courses are easy to read and complete at your own pace. 
  2. You must have an open mind and be ready to change the way you have been thinking about life, yourself, love, dating and relationships.
  3. You must be willing to change the way you think and act in order to get better results, remembering you have been given incorrect information over the years. It’s now time to spend time re-programming. 
  4. You must be willing to go through a dating detox. This means taking 12 weeks off of dating in order to replace your mind with correct information before you start dating again. The time will go quickly as you will be learning a better dating process and you will have group events to participate in for education and fun.
  5. You will have weekly trainings; some by phone, video, and in person.
  6. You will have a few monthly events for fun, out and about training, and for supporting each other.
Why Will This Program Work for You?

  • You will finally know what you need to know but didn’t know to be successful in love. You will have the correct information to re-program your brain; creating correct thinking, speaking, and acting for the results you have wanted but were not getting. 
  • You will have help to recognize when that “chatterbox in your head” is giving you wrong information… keeping you on the right track to love.
  • You will be accountable to a professional and dating expert who will keep you progressing and moving forward in a positive manner. 
  • You will have positive support and encouragement from others going through the same program you are. 
  • You will have emotions, money and time invested in creating a future which includes a wonderful loving relationship. Being invested in this way, you will be more likely to give it your all than if you were trying on your own.
  • The cost of this program is lower because it is the first of its kind, ever. The price of these group mentoring programs will be going up after this one.
  • You will have a (finding love) system and (dating) process to follow; making you successful much quicker and easier.
  • You will have professional help to evaluate your dates; enjoy step-by-step guidance. 
  • You have an expert to ask all and any questions to at all times; leaving you no reason to fail or even have problems.
Are Your Ready to Be In The Arms of Your Perfect Partner?
Remember I will only be working with 30 singles who live in the Tampa Bay area and who are ready to have a loving partner in their life but who are frustrated with their dating results and today’s dating scene. Will you be one of them? If you are interested and want more information, please call or email me for the details. I look forward to helping you find your true love!

Christine Marie White
Your Finding Love Mentor
Phone: 727-415-0464

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