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Find Love Using Science (Part 1)

Do You Believe Quantum Physics Science Can Help You Find Love? 

I hope so! I can say that now because I already proved it works. When I first heard about this new way of finding love I decided to give it a try. I mean, I had already been searching on my own for 40 years. I just wasn’t finding men with enough of what I wanted or there wasn’t that deep connection I needed in order to commit for a lifetime.


When I heard about using quantum physics discoveries and a few universal laws to find love, I dove right it. I decided to stop searching and only use the new information I was learning. This way, if it worked, I would know for sure it worked because of the changes I made. And it worked! I was shocked at how it took only a few months to bring my perfect partner into my life, without any searching. And this is a man who has 95% of what I wanted! Amazing! I searched 40 years and after shifting to scientific methods Mr. Right shows up in only a few months. I love it!

 Love Partner.jpg

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I am ready to help you and your single friends do what I did and find love in a few months. Still skeptical? I was too until I learned WHY it all works. To break it down very simply, the new quantum physics science has proved that everything, and I mean everything, is made of energy. Everything in outer space, on the earth and in the oceans. It’s all vibrating at different frequencies to make things different; liquid, solid, soft, invisible, etc. Everything is made up of this energy and all connected because of this energy. This is why you can feel the “vibes” of other people. Some people make you feel good, others make you feel bad.


This brings us to universal laws. These are scientific principles that never change, such as the law of gravity. We understand gravity because we were raised learning how to live with it. However, we have not been taught how to use other universal laws to help create a better life. For example, the Law of Attraction. This law, used in combination with many others, is what I learned, practiced and used to find love. I used it to attract to me the type of quality men I wanted to date, which led me to my perfect partner. And, of course, he didn’t show up in any of the ways I thought he would.


The best part of these universal laws is that they are not prejudice to anyone. They don’t care what you look like, your age, race or religion. When you learn to work with these invisible laws of science you will have a new power to make things happen in your life which you didn’t even know about before. I would love to be your guide, to help you find love quicker and easier. Please call or email me for more information and look for (Part 2) coming soon.


Christine Marie White

Finding Love Mentor


Phone: 727-415-0464

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