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No Boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

So what are you going to do? I have some ideas.


·        You could lock yourself in the house with a hundred movies and lots of great munchies. Don’t forget the chocolate ice cream!

·        You could spend days crying on the shoulders of your girlfriends, family and co-workers. Eventually you will probably bring them down and they won’t want to talk to you anymore. Hopefully they will forgive you – someday.

·        Okay, so your best friends will be out with their boyfriends being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant or spending time at some other romantic place. That hurts! They are out and you are alone. How unfair! So how about a good cry? Well, you deserve it, you’re alone. Go ahead, get it out.


Feel better yet? No? Realistically getting down and staying there for any amount of time is not good or healthy by any means.


Would you like to feel a lot better?

Yes, have your cry if you need one, tell your girlfriends you hate them for having a date on Valentine’s Day and that you are really bummed about being alone on that very special day made for love and couples. And that’s it! Done and over! No more wasting time and emotions complaining, being depressed, bringing others down and getting fat from too many comfort foods. It’s time to shift gears.


You have a very important job to do. Get yourself happy! Here’s how you do it…


·        Smile!

·        Remind yourself that you are a wonderful person. You are unique and special. Your Mr. Right is on his way, and you are more likely to attract him with a happy, fun attitude than with a depressed and upset one.

·        Think about the people in your life who love and care about you.

·        Think about the people in your life that you love and appreciate.

·        Start saying, “I Love You” in your mind, to yourself, over and over, a hundred times a day – or more.

·        Think about the things in your life you are thankful for; home, family, job, etc.

·        Start saying “Thank You” in your mind, to yourself, over and over, a hundred times a day – or more. Stay thankful for all you have and will have.

·        Go to a place that makes you feel happy, if you can. Sit by the water, in the woods or on a swing for a while. If you can’t, use your imagination. Get comfortable and close your eyes. See yourself there, feel all the wonderful feelings you experience when you are there. Enjoy yourself.

·        Make plans to do something special on Valentine’s Day with someone who loves you; parents, siblings or other friends. If no one is available, Pay It Forward by sharing your love with someone who will appreciate you. Visit a nursing home, battered women’s shelter or hospital.


You have lots of love in you, share it with someone. Don’t waste your time and emotions on being depressed. The world needs you! Smile and be a blessing. Try some of these suggestions and you just might find yourself feeling much better in a short time. You may even be instrumental in making someone else feel better. Can you FEEL the JOY of it?????


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