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Live At A Higher Level

Live At A Higher Level


  1. Stop Resisting the Flow – Flow with the river of life. Unhappiness and stress come from wanting the situation to be different. Stop resisting and getting upset because things aren’t different. Accept them as they are. Let go of the desire to change everything.  Find and enjoy the good in every second. Enjoy the good in the “Now” of your life.
  2. Detach from the Drama – detach yourself from negative situations, circumstances, what is happening. Handle it the best you can without letting it upset you. It is what it is! As it is passing, remind yourself that it is an overcoming opportunity. This too shall pass. Don’t worry or stress about anything.
  3. Stop Judging, Criticizing and Complaining - Look at everything as neither being right or wrong, good or bad. It just is. Start loving everything and everyone as it is; as they are. Practice this. It is very freeing! It releases negative energy and stress. Every time you criticize, judge or complain you move yourself away from the things you want.
  4. Answer Without Emotions - This is another way to reduce your stress and expectation level, and help you stay in a more positive mindset. Before reacting, take a moment to remove all emotions and see it as a neutral (neither good nor bad) situation. Then you can respond calmly instead of reacting in haste.
  5. Learn to Accept the Unacceptable - ex: flat tire / house burned down. It is what it is and another overcoming opportunity. Do not judge or complain; detach and handle it without getting emotional. Life becomes much easier and peaceful this way. You have a choice.

This excerpt was taken from the book: It’s Better to Laugh by Christina Courting which will be available soon!

Asel Asel Says:
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 1:17 PM
Cindy, I briefly knew a woman whose husnabd beat her. I'm afraid we weren't much help to one another either. At the time, I considered her abused , but not me. I had no idea how to help her other than be a shoulder to cry on, and cry WE did! That's about it. We cried together. Our friendship ended when her husnabd found out she was spending time at my house. He whisked her away from me. In hindsight, I don't know if we could have helped one another or not because we were not educated on abuse and had no idea what to do. Also, it is no fun to have a friend who only cries with you, so our relationship may have ended naturally anyway. I got your email I'll be in touch!

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