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Which Woman Are You: Men Are Watching

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For over four decades I have been interviewing men; all types of men, from 18 to 80. It has been fascinating! Not only has it helped me gather information to better help all of you single ladies but it often helped me in my own dating. Because of the honesty of the men who opened up to me my self-confidence has grown, I understand the psychology of men better and have learned how to interact with men in a way that has brought miracles, and my Mr. Right, into my life.

Even-though the dating scene is constantly changing, there is one thing that has not. The way men in general will classify single women today has not changed over decades, probably centuries. Bottom-line: Men will quickly evaluate you by your words and actions and put you in one of two categories.

If they think you will be easy to have sex with you go into one category and if they feel you will be holding back the sex to build a relationship first you go into another category. One category consists of women they love and respect and the other category is for the ones they have fun with for a while. Depending on what he is looking for; to wait for love or have sex now, he will make his decision to continue seeing you or not.

Keepers These women have high standards and they stick to them. They do not allow the relationship to become sexual right away. Her reason/s for waiting may be any of the following: she’s waiting to be sure he is a keeper, for proof he is compatible with her, they have a close connection and for him to make a commitment of exclusivity to her.

These women easily attract men who are waiting for that very special woman, that keeper; because those men are ready to build a relationship with monogamy and long-term commitment, they are willing to wait for sex with her. Even so, remember that most men will try; to see which one you are. They will tempt you and push you to see if you will give in. So you are the one that has to stand strong and prove you are a keeper. If he leaves, that’s okay, he was not the right one for you.

Even my quality guy tried. When he realized I was not going to give in he knew he had a keeper. One other thing to remember; if a man who is in a dating relationship with a woman he believes is a keeper, and she gives in to having sex easily, he will mentally move her from keeper to play thing and not stay long or never totally commit.

Play Things, Play Toys or Throwbacks – These are all names for women who are easy to have sex with. These women are great for two different types of men.

These women are great for those men who do not want monogamy or commitment; they just want to have fun. These men never want to work on building or keeping a relationship going unless there is no work or commitment attached to it. Once the fun is gone, she gets serious or the relationship becomes more work, these men are off to someone else.

These men spend their time in what is called Recreational Dating, which is dating for fun and self-pleasure. They enjoy one woman after another with no intent to commit to anyone, ever. These men are often called Players or committed bachelors. Unfortunately many unsuspecting women are fooled by these men in the beginning and end up getting hurt.

The other type of man is one that wants one special woman to love and commit to in a monogamous, long-term relationship. He is willing to put in the time, attention, respect and patience it takes to work at building a long-term relationship. However, he will enjoy the company of a play-toy while he is waiting to find a keeper.

The Double Standard

Men can play around while waiting for a serious loving relationship to come along, but single women cannot. When a single woman who wants monogamy and commitment decides to play around for a while or have fun having sex with different men while waiting for Mr. Right, she has moved herself from the Keeper category to the Throwback category.

She is no longer a woman a quality man will admire, respect and desire. There is no getting around it; if you want a quality man, monogamy and long-term commitment you must prove to him that you are not easy. It’s your choice!

Being in the dating scene myself for forty years I have been in both places. Therefore I would strongly suggest waiting to have sex until you have attracted a good, quality man to love, respect and cherish you. Then enjoy the heck out of a healthy, loving sex life with a man who desires to please you! Sex that comes with unconditional love is like no other!

Don’t waste your life having sex with self-centered men who want sex from you right away and waking up the morning after recreational sex with that awful feeling in your gut that you made a big mistake or that you were being used. Decide to be a keeper who quality single men respect and view as a woman of dignity, integrity and who is extremely desirable…. for much more than sex! Set high standards and hold yourself in high esteem! You deserve a loving, quality man to adore you! So do what it takes. J

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