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All you need is love......and an iPhone.

All you need is love….and an iPhone.

If you’re around my age (40 something) you may feel like our generation has been the generation that has seen the most advancements in technology.

Weather we’re right or not, it sure feels that way based on the conversations with my kids about what it was like in “the good old days”

We talk about how TV’s only had 3 stations to choose from and we as kids where the remote control. How our exciting game console (Atari) had this really cool game called Pong. How we had a land line phone and there was only one in the house that everyone had to share and if you where out and about you had to make sure you had change with you so you could use the payphone if you needed to. How passing notes in school was our form of texting friends and how we would pray that the teacher wouldn’t see us passing them.

Then for my kids to have conversations with my parents who are in their 70’s really blows their minds as to what it was like way back when.

 Being in the voice over business I know how technology has impacted the industry. Gone are the days of agonizing auditions and needing to live in either L.A. or New York to get work. Now the auditions can come right to your inbox and you can work from your home studio with anyone in the world.

 Same goes for radio. I have a good friend who started in that industry when she was 19 and she tells me stories of the processes they had to go through to be on the air and the timing of it all before the stations went digital. Now, you would be hard pressed to find more than 3 people in a radio station because most broadcasts come from one location and are sent out to all the affiliate stations.

How about video and how we record it? 

Unbelievable, right?

I saw an old picture of my sister video taping my nephew, the camera was as big as her head. We still have little cassette tapes laying around with family movies on them but no way to play them anymore.

 The invention of YouTube has been a gateway for so many people to become internet super stars and make lots of money. It has also created a way to level the playing field for small businesses who are in competition with larger corporations that have huge advertising budgets

This is where the love comes in…we need to embrace and welcome the ever changing digital world when it comes to using video and advertising our businesses. Traditional media is expensive and really isn’t reaching most businesses demographics anymore.

So where is your audience these days? Most likely you will find them on YouTube. Video has become the most effective means of communication known to man.  A few weeks ago I came across a stat that said 96% of consumers will purchase a product or service if they have seen a video about it.

What that tells me is that video is where it’s at and what every business needs to be creating.

Now hold on I know what you’re going to say next, I don’t know how to create video on my own and if I have someone do it for me it’s very expensive.

Well, not with The Pocket Producer System™ This system was developed by a friend of mine who has been in the business of creating video content specifically for the internet for over 10 years. He has developed this process for everyday business owners like you and I to learn to record, edit, add graphics music and upload all right from our iPhones. Which really does now level the playing field in marketing. 

I suggest that you follow The Pocket Producer ™ on FaceBook

And on YouTube

So, when it comes to technology and keeping up with it, I think we, as 40 somethings and beyond, should give ourselves a pat on the back especially if you’re in business and need to keep up with today’s crazy digital world. 

Please leave me a comment if you’re currently using video and how it’s going for you or if you would like to learn more about The Pocket Producer System™

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