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Power of Color

The colors we use in our business whether in our logo, our sign, our office or our dress can make an impact. Using color effectively can make a difference in the way people perceive you and your business. Think about it. Why are the golden arches golden? Why are we told to dress in blue for an important business meeting? Why are some restaurants decorated in red while others use purple? Why aren’t dentist offices yellow?

The answer is in the power of color:

Red—is a powerful, energetic color…it grabs our attention (remember the red power tie), stimulates our appetite and makes us feel we have been in a place less time than we actually have (any wonder you find red in restaurants).

Orange—is appealing like red but less formal and intimidating…it gets our attention, gives us a friendly feeling, and makes us feel enthusiastic.

Yellow—is a stimulating color…it registers in our brain quickly (new fire trucks are yellow), it makes us feel pain (no dentist offices here) and it helps us remember (call sell yourself or a house faster with touches of yellow).

Green—is an adaptable color…it gives us a feeling of security, helps us adapt to new environments more quickly (remember the green classrooms?) and makes us think about money (good color to wear when closing the deal).

Blue—is a calming color…it gives the appearance of loyalty, respect and responsibility (think blue interview suit), helps lower heart rate and blood pressure (doctor’s office), and shrinks our appetite (no blue restaurants).

Purple is a regal color…it connotes royalty and gives a sense of spirituality.

Brown is a practical color…it gives the appearance of stability and support, makes us feel warm and friendly and feels dull (use camel and beige for business).

Black is a mysterious color…it emotes sophistication and feels powerful and intimidating (not the best interview suit color).

Gray is a bland color…it gives us a sense of refinement and efficiency, feels authoritative without being intimidating and says classic.

White is an elegant color…it feels refined but detached and gives feeling of innocence.

And for personal power (aka dating) for the hot date choose red, yellow or orange…for the blind date blue…for the "I don’t care" try gray.

Color has an impact. Think about what colors you use in your business. Are the colors helping you or hurting you?

your marketing plan.

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