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Answering Your Wake Up Call

An introduction to best-selling author Ed Oakley’s latest book.

Answering Your Wake-Up Call was written to inspire you to become all you are intended to be, to help you make the difference you were born to make. However, it’s not as much about inspiration as it is a revelation that you were born into this life to make a significant impact on the world—even more than you have accomplished so far. 

And—this part is very important—it’s about what you need to do to unleash the essence of who you really are—that part of you that has peeked out from time to time, but has not yet been fully revealed.

This book provides a whole new perspective on the concept of an optimal life and gives you a practical way to attain it. I call this new system Life’s New Game™. I think of life as a wonderful game, a game of learning, growing, experiencing, and contributing. Let’s take the self-imposed limits off the game so we can charge ahead freely.

That’s what Answering Your Wake-Up Call is all about. It is about addressing, head-on, the challenges that are staring you in the face. It is about waking up to ideas you’ve never considered before, to ideas you have shunned because they don’t fit your limited belief system. Don’t be offended by that statement. We all have limiting beliefs. It is when you treat your beliefs as if they are facts that they become erroneous and

If you picked up this book, I’m betting you’re having some kind of mid-life detour, downturn, or flat-out crisis. I’ve had this same kind of crisis. I’m here to ask you to look at it from a different perspective:

Could it be that you are experiencing a wake-up call?

Do you find yourself wondering:
  • What’s missing?
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • What am I supposed to do?
Have you ignored some prodding from the universe in the past? Is this one a bit tougher, a lot tougher?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already blown off multiple wake-up calls—smaller ones that were like little taps on the shoulder, nudges, as well as some bigger ones that were like screams, or maybe a slap on the face. 

I caution you not to ignore this one. If you stick to your narrow, limited beliefs—as I did for so long—you will stay dormant, sleeping through your life. You can use your wake-up call as an opportunity to grow, to thrive, to wake up to new possibilities, to make a difference, and to love your life. 

This book’s intent is to provide some guidance for you as you awaken. It is intended to help you sort through what your real issues might be, and figure out what to do about them, not only to get you back on track, but to accelerate your life to fulfill your purpose. 

You might not realize it yet, but there is a specific reason you are alive at this time. Without your contribution, we will all be missing out on something that only you can provide. Part of answering this wake-up call is determining what that is. When you discover your unique contribution, a life of meaning, joy, and fulfillment can continue. 

Your life can be extraordinary. Yes, you’ve probably already contributed to humankind in numerous ways, but there is more for you to do, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

What I hope you’ll gain first from this book is a sense of why you’re having a wake-up call. Then, you’ll want to determine what to do to answer the call so it can take you to a higher perspective from which you can see who you were born to be. When you follow this lead and become that person, you will accelerate into a life of love, service, and prosperity.

I hope to help you answer the following questions for yourself
while reading this work:

  • What are the underlying reasons this wake-up call is happening to me?
  • Why hasn’t the personal development work I’ve already done resolved my issues?
  • What are the best options for addressing them?
  • What remains for me to do?
It is my honor to serve as your guide by sharing what I learned from answering my own wake-up call.

Blessings for your joy, love and prosperity, and may you thrive in wellness, wealth and relationships as I am!

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Ed Oakley 
Founder & CEO, Enlightened Leadership Solutions
Creator of Life’s New Game
Author, Answering Your Wake-Up Call (available on


  • Free video MasterClass about the factors likely involved in your wake-up call, and how to regain your joy, wellness, prosperity and relationships.
  • Includes multiple options for addressing each factor.
  • Additional information discovered after the book was published.
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