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Big Wake-up Call

How to survive and thrive when your life takes an unexpected detour

You have developed many strengths and had plenty of success over the years.

What’s happening now? Maybe you’re having cashflow issues due to lack of consistency of business, or you’ve lost favor with a key exec, or you’re overwhelmed

by everything that has to get done, or relationships are suffering due to the stress you’re feeling and your time constraints. Just reading this article can raise your

awareness of what’s really been holding you back, and what to do to break through.

Having mentored scores of executives and entrepreneurs over the last 4 years, I’ve realized the following seven factors more often than not make the difference between being stuck or flowing smoothly, enjoyably and profitably. Don’t get too hung up on the numbers –just think of relative improvement.


Assess yourself on these:

1. The first is Fear of Failure and it's a killer issue. On a relative scale of 0-100%, high % is frozen in fear, the average measurable Fear of Failure for hundreds of business people we’ve tested is 35%. That’s debilitating. It stops you from taking action. It has you questioning everything rather than moving forward. The Transformation Level is 15% or less, and this is where progress begins to accelerate. Through advanced approaches, you can achieve these levels within 12 weeks. Where do you feel you are?


2. The next factor is Anger – at yourself and others. Are you concerned? ;-) Average Anger is 32%, which stifles effectiveness, and the Transformation Level is 16% or

lower. That’s the level below which this emotion will seldom be debilitating. You probably know it if this is an issue for you. You can easily achieve this breakthrough

level and beyond within 12 weeks. Where do put yourself on this scale?


3. The third factor is measurable Level of Connection with Source/Spirit/God, or Awareness. Transformation Level of Connection is 200 points above where you are

now. That’s right. There are multiple levels of breakthrough! A 200 point increase in LOC provides a step function increase in clarity, focus, awareness, creativity, and motivation. And it’s easy! You no longer need to meditate for 30 years. This is one that may be hard to understand, but the value is in the results you achieve, like Phil below…

“Ed, when I called you for a private session on November 7th, I told you that while I had a total of 5 clients from January to the end of August, from September to early November alone, I have 8 clients and 5 more in the pipeline waiting for agreements. It is amazing how they are showing up. Also, the quality is phenomenal, the relationships are great and should bring even more business. It’s a LOT of work, yet I’m not overwhelmed! I couldn’t be more pleased with working with you. Thank you.” …to be continued.


4. The fourth factor is % Knowing vs Believing. Let me clarify this. When we are on-aroll, in the Flow state, in the zone, we just KNOW what to do, and we just do it. We don’t question it. We just know, and we just do. It’s magical. It’s a powerful place to come from. 

Transformation level of Knowing is just 22%, but that is far above the average of 8% Knowing. When we reach the Transformation level, our focus, confidence and results tend to skyrocket. How often do you feel you Know without doubt?


5. Next is Prosperity Consciousness. Average is 91%, and Transformation level is 100%. Limited Prosperity Consciousness(PC) is caused by a mixture of limiting beliefs, fears and stuck Level of Connection, or awareness. It takes shifts in all three, and is why your personal work in any one area has been insufficient. Breakthrough and accelerate within 12 weeks. Is this a limitation of yours?


6. The Invisible Mask is a limitation that will keep you from having the depth of communication and trust that is critical to succeeding in today’s world. The Invisible

Mask(IM) is an energetic barrier you unconsciously put up to keep the world from seeing who you are afraid that you really are. Once the anger, fear of failure, fear of

rejection and other limiting emotions are released, you'll no longer have anything to hide, so it’s safe to let down that invisible barrier. Taking down or greatly reducing the IM

will make a big difference in how you connect with people. They will experience your authenticity that has been hidden by the mask. Average Invisible Mask is 87% for the hundreds of clients we’ve tested, The Breakthrough Level is 20% or less. Zero is available within 12 weeks – when you no longer need the mask. How much of your

Invisible Mask do you think you still have?

(continuing quote)… “I just returned from speaking in Rome, Amsterdam and Istanbul, and I am blown away at the deep connection with the audience both during the presentation and afterwards. My Invisible Mask being gone made a much bigger difference than I had imagined. This is so important for leaders, entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants and coaches.”

Phil Bristol, CEO Coach, Consultant, International Speaker


7. Another critically important factor in taking your success to new levels is Belief in Yourself, the knowing that you are everything and have everything you need to succeed in your chosen role. The Transformation Level for Believing in Yourself is 100%. There are no compromises on this one, and you may be at 99% now, but you need to KNOW you are enough. Yes, do that within 12 weeks! If you ever doubt yourself, you’re not there. Where do you think you are in believing in yourself?

It is gratifying to experience the transformation in business and impact levels, cashflow, natural flow state, all relationships, and even wellness – thus blasting past the detour – when you achieve these important levels and continue to grow beyond them.

After co-writing the Simon&Schuster book, Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change, selling 295,000 copies, and personally developing leaders from 67 countries, Ed Oakley is now doing what he calls the “serious work” of his life. Known as the “Secret Weapon for transforming successful people beyond unexpected life detours," he believes that fully utilizing the wealth of hidden knowledge and talent we have is vitally important to our future welfare and that of our children.


©2017 Enlightened Leadership Solutions, Inc.



Where are you on these 7 critical factors?


What would it take to get from where you are to world-class levels for each of them?  


Plan a private discussion at: Or reply to this blog.


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