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Handle Life's Journey With Calm for Future Success

29 Dec 2019 | Posted Under Mindset

Adapting to life’s journey with calm for future success is not a myth. The practice takes time to adjust and requires understanding. In our youth, the idea of using calm for solving problems sounds contradictory. But over time, the wisdom comes to light.


Not all meditation mirrors the image of a Buddha or a Monk. It’s more about being in a quiet setting to contemplate our life’s journey, the past, present, and future. The understanding of where we came from, who we are today, and where we are heading leads us to an improved future. However, it  is best to contemplate life’s journey with calm for future success


Believe you can, and you will.




In my younger days, I would react with passion, (shall we say.) But over time, I learned to temper the mood. All the while, at night, I would reflect on what happened during the day and ask myself these questions:

  What angered me

  Why was I angry

  How can I bypass the situation in the future?


The process was refined over time. Adding to the same questions, I began to set new goals for the next day, week, month, quarter, and year. I became dedicated to living life my way and not succumb to only being a people pleaser. At age 17, International travel was my answer to expanding thought on multiple levels.


Transitioning to corporate sales, the previous experience of traveling abroad enabled me to speak with people of varying backgrounds. We exchanged stories and built our relationship. Selling was a fun occupation while enjoying my clientele. The referrals and testimonials became my special Smooth Sale.


Being relaxed, in good humor, and focused on listening are essential for the Smooth Sale.

Listening and asking questions, beginning with ‘why?’ was natural for me. But being relaxed took practice. 

Over time, I noticed that whenever I was outdoors, either playing games or walking in nature, my mind would wander. I’ve come to realize that these free-style moments almost always produce new ideas.


I can safely say the thought arising from my free-flow ideas works far better for me than any formula. And my a-ha moment for today is that when one new decision takes hold, complementary concepts quickly come forward. We are to be brave enough to announce our new direction!

Your Journey

On occasion, you may think, ‘I wish to have the time to…’ or ‘Wow, that was a good idea that just occurred to me…’ When these type of thoughts hit, take time to expand the fleeting idea. Analyze why the possibility is exciting and how your life might change for the better. And then examine all of the ‘what if’ scenarios to determine how you can move forward to make it happen.


You may be able to change careers, begin a new business, or partner with a good friend. The next step is to examine the pros and cons of making the bold move. Should you still feel the excitement, begin investigating how to best transition to make the idea a reality. Compare and contrast where you are today and how life will change by embracing the new direction.


Most of all, consider if the change of direction will make you happy.


Sales Tips: Enjoy Life’s Journey With Calm For Future Success


1.  Each evening think about what caught your attention during the day
2.  Pay attention to a recurring thought
3.  Should a new idea excite you, examine it from multiple angles
4.  List out how business or career will change by moving direction
5.  Create a second listing of pros and cons for the current and future paths
6.  Determine if the new track will capture your attention to the fullest
7.  Write down the best possible outcome for changing direction
8.  Confirm for yourself that the new effort will be well worthwhile
9.  Consider creating a mastermind group to enhance the outcome
10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s Blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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