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What's Holding You Back from Creating a Bestseller Title?

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Monday, January 13th

This is the day to do something to realize your goals and dreams! What's yours? And what are you willing to do to make them come true? First, you must know what you really want: i.e. get clarity. Then you must make a plan. And then, you must take ACTION.

Too many do the first two but never take action. So, get going and put it into action. You can have anything you want but it won't fall in your lap, you have to go and get it!

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-On Leadership, Truth and Authenticity and the Golden Globes

In the 1990’s Ellen Degeneres had the courage to come out. She was dumped by the network and went through some tough years. But in doing so, she not only lived her truth, but inspired others, like the brilliant Kate McKinnon, to do the same.

Sometimes, just by standing in our own truth, we lead the way for others to do the same and in doing so become leaders.

So be who you were meant to be and know it isn’t always going to be celebrated, but it is the way for each of us, and how the world responds is beside the point, even though sometimes it all works out

Article: What's Holding You Back from Creating a Bestseller Title?

There are two types of struggles authors face that hold them back from creating a bestseller title. One is internal and the other is external.

The internal struggles are the struggles inside your head. Often, this lead to overthinking it. People try to "construct" a title instead of letting it flow from the essence of what their book is about.

They try to come up with a title that is too clever.

Or, they pick words that they like but that don't resonate with their audience; they are more concerned about whether it resonates with themselves, and they ignore their audience in making a decision.

Or, they come up with a title that has elements that are worn out and overused.

Or, they work on it so long using some of the same words in several titles that they become attached to them, and then have a difficult time thinking about the title any other way or considering any other approaches to creating their title.

Or, they get lazy.

The second type is external.

You can come up with some great titles only to find that others had gotten there first, purchased them, and are now selling them for premium prices, which most authors are not prepared to spring for.

So, what I suggest is to outside the box.

This is going to become more and more important as the "obvious" titles are taken and certain keywords in popular markets are too expensive for many authors to purchase.

It is also going to become more important for a lot of authors to work with a title expert who is creative and thinks outside the box for them and/or can listen closely to what they are saying about their book and pull out the essence of it out for them because the alternative is to use a title that has already been used. And this is extremely problematic.

The domain name and group name will probably be taken, plus it could help the owner, who got there first, capitalize on your marketing efforts, since they are more established.

Often times, if there are multiple books with the same title and similar sub-titles, and one author is well-known, they will make the most sales no matter who sent them to Amazon in the first place.

And if you have similar businesses, which is often but not always the case, there is even a greater likelihood that your efforts could benefit a competitor.

Now, this is much less likely to happen if you use a title that has already been used but in a completely different genre.

On the flip side, if there is a bestseller that has a similar title, but your subtitle can precise and shows that your book content is quite different from that of the bestseller, it could give your book a marketing boost that it would not otherwise get.

So, these are important distinctions to understand moving forward when you consider creating your book titles.

If you'd like to take the next step for writing bestseller titles, go to and check out my Bestseller Title-Writing 3 Module Course.

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