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Are you charging enough?

27 Apr 2018 | Posted Under Finance
What's enough?

And, how do you know?

When you first start out,
you should not charge thousands
of dollars for your services because
they are unproven.

You should start small, get paid to learn,
get testimonials, and THEN, raise your rates.

But, what happens for so many
is that they either don't
raise them enough or they don't
raise them at all.


I've worked with a lot of author/entrepreneurs
over the years and in my experience
it's for one of these reasons:

-You think you don't have the credentials
to ask for more.

-You don't think anyone will pay you more.

-You don't think you are worth it or that you
deserve it.

This is especially true for women; we're taught to
put others first, and so we want to help people
so much that it's hard to charge much.  

-You think your "genius" is no big deal
everyone can do what you can do. (But, they can't!)

Or, you don't know how to provide enough
value to charge the big bucks.

But, if you don't charge what you are
worth and learn how to increase your prices,
what happens is you burn yourself
out, and then you can't help anyone!

So, I'm here to tell you.....

You don't need the credentials, you just need to
solve a problem that people want solved

People will pay you more when you believe that they
will and you give them something they desperately want.

And, you ARE good enough right now and
you're also unique enough (there's only one
you on this planet)!

But, you need a plan that works.

So, if you're ready to take a chance on yourself
and trust me when I tell you, you can raise your rates
and get $10,000 clients (or higher) maybe not right away-
it depends on where you are in your business
right now.

But, you can do it! And, I can help.

You can start at one or two hours a month
or you can get into an accelerated program,
it's your choice.

But, I only have room for 10 clients for this program,

So, if you want a spot, let's schedule a
quick 10-minute consult, so I can
learn more about your business
and see if it's a fit.

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