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Attracting Prosperity and Abundance, Part 8

16 Feb 2015 | Posted Under Mindset

Attracting Prosperity and Abundance, Part 8

Last in the Series

In the previous blog I referenced to the power of written goals. Taking it a step further, find somebody to work with, someone to help you stay accountable with your goals. An accountability partner can increase the probability of success. Working together creates that synergy and momentum. Use that power to mastermind even if it is one person. Getting together with 2 – 3 people and that collective mind, it’s not the simple math of 1 + 1 + 1, its exponential growth. Group relationships or partnerships like collaborations expand the idea exchange. With that, it gives you the ability to find someone that has the experience to help you with your growth.

Why is the number 14 important?

The number 14 is very important to us, it’s about time management. Time management comes down to choices. What are you going to do with it? Where do you choose to fill your time? One of the things you can do is leverage OPT, other people’s time. Create a team, get a staff. You will get more done.

Are you tired of driving across town to networking groups?

If you are doing presentations, do ‘One to Many’. Stop the one-on-one conversations. Stop doing networking events where you are running across town simply to eat a crappy chicken sandwich and talk to only one person or a few. You have a 30 minute drive, hour conversation, 30 minute drive back. Now you have at least 2 hours invested into socialization. Stay at home. Create your own live events, online conferences or webinars. You will get 3 times as many meetings done.

What is the Power of Scripting?

Power of Scripting is writing a structured and effective sales script, know what you are going to say. Improvising is a very ineffective way of communication. Your answering machine, your greetings, some of your email, they all need to be scripted. You write the same things all of the time. What is the smart time saver? Create successful script templates.

How can the 80 / 20 principle lead you to success?

Focus on the bread and butter, the 80 / 20 principle. 20% of all activities on our to-do list will be the most productive for us. 80% on our list are busy activities that we have to do. Focus on that 20% that produce results and produce income. You will see a remarkable shift!

How should you invest in time?

Time has a future value. What you invest in time now will pay you ‘times over’ in the future. So, if you invested in a 12-hour training program, and if you invested in that time now and learned the skill, you now have that information for the rest of your life. Not all time is equal. Invest in time wisely.

Let’s get back to number 14. Why is the number 14 important?

Most importantly, 1% is where the 14 is 1% of your day. If you spend 14 minutes a day planning your day, you will produce 56 more minutes of productivity. I found that if you schedule your day the night before, while you are sleeping your subconscious mind is working on that thus increasing your productivity. 

Ever hear of The Acres of Diamonds? What does that mean?

If you are not familiar with the story, a guy bought a property, and he was told there was diamonds on it. So, he tried mining it for a long time, and he never found the diamonds. So he sold the property. The next guy brought in a surveyor, and 3 feet the other way he found the diamonds. The Acres of Diamonds are your email and social media lists.

What does that tell us?

For our businesses we need the lists. We need contacts. Your email and your social media connections already have the connections and collaboration partners you can ever possibly imagine to get you started. So, dig into your field!

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