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#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 2

29 Mar 2015 | Posted Under Twitter

#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 2

When people start seeing account disparities, people start viewing it as the person has too much of an ego. A perfect example would be someone who has 22,000 followers and 21 people that they are following. They see it as the person is not interested in having a conversation with anybody. Likewise, if you have only 21 followers then you will only see those posts.

How can you change that?

First, determine what your market is, and second, who your audience is. Start attracting them to your list, and begin following them. You want to interact with people. Twitter is a wonderful way to touch people’s lives!

If you study any event you go to, you will notice that half the audience are taking notes and they are absorbing information. They are simply observing. The same thing is true on Twitter. The numbers I saw is that 40% of the active users, which is almost 300,000,000 a day, are basically observing. So, they are watching us to see how we are an interacting with other people. How I interact with my audience is probably the way I will interact with them. Also, it creates an unequal advantage – they will be more apt to work with me or refer people to me.

Using the example above, if you have 22,000 followers and only 21 people that you are following, what should you do?

Go back to your followers, the ones you haven’t followed yet, and follow them back. You can go into your notifications column, which will show you who has retweeted your posts, and who has favorited it. Keep in mind that the counter does not go past the 2 digits. Follow the people who are retweeting you. They are already showing you that they are interested in you, and like your stuff. More than likely, they are going to recommend you to their people.

What other differences can you make on Twitter?

Back in 2008 when I got on TweetDeck there were many useful tools. Unfortunately, some of the functions are not available. I spent an hour a day on TweetDeck. I know that is excessive, but I was determined that I was going to do something successful with Twitter very early on. Back then it was easy to thank people individually. I thanked everyone that retweeted me, who mentioned me, and shared my stuff. I went back in and looked at every single comment, and commented back. That is the differentiation because I made those comments. People connected with me, other people saw that, and for my coaching and Twitter practice it all becomes an audition.

Besides taking the opportunity to connect with people, Build Better Relationships, it is essential to pay attention to your profile and banner.

When I do Twitter Reviews, the header is where I spend the most time with consulting. We spend half the amount of time working on that first impression. When someone clicks onto your site whether it is your website or Twitter page, you have 4 – 10 seconds to impress upon those people who you are, what you do, what you can do for them and what they can do next. A lot of people just have a pretty picture up there, or a blurred image because they haven’t updated it in the last two years.

How should you use your banner?

Restate your profile in the center of the banner. If you notice, the profile is now down below the picture and it is not really within the natural eye movement. That profile is Search Engine Optimization, SEO. So the words you put on that profile should be the same words you are using on your website, and the same words that you are anticipating that people would do an internet search on you. Remember, those words will be the ones they type in their search to find a solution to their problems.

Think of your banner as a billboard. On my banner, I told them who I am and what I do. My eBooks along with their URLs, and ways to connect with me on various platforms are listed on my banner. Those areas claim my expertise. The AD on the side for my Twitter party, a once a month Twitter party, lets them know where they can find it and how they can connect with us.

With that first impression, let them know where your expertise lies. If they do not see anything, if they do not see a reason why they should connect and stay, they are going to go on. People’s response is ‘it’s all about them’. So whether you are in retail, clothes or anything else, or any service you provide, you need to focus on what is in it for that client, what problems are they looking for, and how you can provide a solution. If you address that in your tweets, and present yourself in a way that it is a solution for them then you give people more reason to stay and check you out.

I invite you for a FREE Twitter Review…

During your 30-minute Twitter Review we will examine your purpose and mission, your biggest challenges and offer suggestions on your profile, photo, header/background, and more.

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