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Change – Conditioning Change Success With the ABC Formula©!

SERIES: Part Three of a Four-Part Article

Determining the degree of change acceptance a person may have or the change resistance a person may demonstrate has a lot to do with how a managerial-leader sets the stage for engaging others.
Tactically, how you manage your behavior will, in turn, influence the behaviors of others that are necessary for stimulating change. And how you continue to reinforce these behaviors influences the level of change acceptance in others. This may be the difference between an effective managerial-leader and a truly successful managerial-leader!
To understand this conditioning process and how individuals actually influence the change process, consider the ABC Formula© as a mathematical formula for human behavior tactical engagement:

Activating Event(s) + Behavior (of recipient) = Consequence (outcome)

Putting change into motion would imply that something happens, or a stimulant appears (A), causing one to do or not do something (B) with that initial stimulant (A). It is the merging of these two forces (A+B) that causes the degree of the outcome (C)!
So, in the change process, if an individual does not like the “A” and engages it in a negative or non-accepting manner, “B”, the outcome as the “C” will never be as constructive, productive, profitable or positive as it had the capacity to become.
To create a change process more conducive to one’s own desires, one must recognize the desired change may be the result of a continuous series of consistent behaviors.
To eventually get an unchallenged change outcome from others, one should recognize that the “C”, which leaves you and becomes another person’s “A”, may have to evolve through the ABC Formula© several times before the subtle change actualizes with others’ and becomes a constructive new norm of business and behavior.
Some of your initial “Behaviors (B)” may be becoming more patient with others, becoming a better listener and inviting greater participation from those that would need to participate in the change process, thereby sending a new signal that, when it comes to change, you are willing to engage constructively and not challenge or derail initiatives.
Far too many times in change issues, everyone focuses disproportionate amounts of energy on the end point (C). This immediately causes everyone to take sides, defend their turf and challenge one another, thereby making change resistance fashionable and change acceptance a foreign experience!
Understanding the power of the ABC Formula© is experienced in the recent fiction story,
SQUIRM TO LEARN© (ISBN #0-9718010-0/US $12.95). Set in the fictional towns of Squirmville and Squelchville with colorful characters such as Wanta, Stew and Sunny, the reader experiences the power of conditioning others to embrace and accept change as a positive opportunity and how learning is the catalyst to successful growth and change.
As a managerial-leader, determining the degree of change acceptance a person may have or the change resistance a person may demonstrate will be your catalyst to effecting change and determining whether your work environment will be one of squirming acceptance or squelching terrorism! 

What success have you had?

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