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Why Continual learning

Since change is one of the only constants in our universe, your continual learning is what will help keep you ahead in the marketplace so you do not become obsolete. For those running their own businesses, it is a way of learning new techniques in a given field, keeping apprised of new technologies, developments, and sharpening their skills so they can stay more competitive. If you are employed with a company, participating in continual learning programs will help expand your skill base, make you more valuable to your business’ bottom line, and offer opportunities for a promotion.

What is Continual Learning?

In most cases, this will consist of a series of online courses of various topics that are provided by a university or educational company that has been properly recognized. Often times, the courses will be about a niche subject, be short in length, and steering the student towards better understanding so that the student can gain some immediate benefit as well as adding more longevity to the students pursuits.

This means that the courses may be focused on learning about new software, specific techniques to help them improve in marketing, leadership skills, communications, helping others in their business, or act as a starting point for more education, such as in business management. Continual learning is generally more compact and with specific goals compared to traditional university courses.

The Marines adhere to the 11 Leadership Principles of the Marine Corps. Leadership principle #2 is to know yourself and seek self-improvement. Even the Commandant of the Marine Corps adheres to this principle. We must all seek it. Constant growth enables us to overcome the challenges and to rise to the opportunities in front of us.” Erik Therwanger is a former Marine, Founder of Think Great: A Leadership Development Company.

What are some of the Benefits?

The obvious advantage of a new continual learning endeavor starts with the overall interest you have in overhauling or sharpening your own skill set. If you forget all the other advantages, the fact of your own relevance in the marketplace is constantly looming.  Just the mere facts state that you need to constantly improve and stay up to date which requires that you have the awareness and the courage to know that everyone needs to learn and improve throughout their lives.

Convenient Hours: Because the lessons are presented virtually online, you can learn at your own pace. This means that if you have children to take care of, work overnight, or have a myriad of other responsibilities, you can still fit the continual learning into your busy schedule. Many people will set aside a  time here and there to get into the lessons, fulfill the requirements, and then get back to their normal everyday lives. This is perfect for those who use mobile devices and can sneak away during breaks to take in their lessons.

Effective Teaching: The lessons of continual learning courses when taught by respected experts means that you get what you need to know along with the occasional insiders secret. Unlike traditional college or university courses which tend to be broader and take longer to complete, continual learning is more specific in nature so that your time is not wasted on concepts or ideas that may only be theories and do not directly apply to what you need to learn.

For example, business management courses are very popular in continual learning circles because they focus on a set of specific goals and only teach the techniques needed to fully understand and allow you to succeed in the field.

Cost Effective: The cost of continual learning courses is modest in comparison and designed to fall within the budget of most students. With traditional college courses, you are paying to support the university and all the staff. While continual learning courses are considerably lower in cost as you are only paying for the course itself. This means that you can get an excellent educational experience while keeping some money in your pockets.

“One of the key benefits of online education is how inexpensive it is.” - Coffee and Bean Magazine

Motivation: The process of learning new skill-sets helps motivate you to work harder toward your goals. Too many people get stuck in an eternal loop of failure and never seem to take advantage of the opportunities before them because they lack the motivation necessary to succeed. By taking up new lessons, you can stay motivated and keep your eyes on the prize as you move up the corporate ladder or start up your own business.

Networking: While the online courses themselves are not designed to get you to interact with others, the lessons taught will help you reach out to people in other areas of your company and in other companies so that you can network more effectively without your previous fears. It is true that some online courses have forums that let you interact with people from around the world which also provides the ability to network and hear fresh new ideas from around the world.

Growth: Even with the lessons being narrow-focused on specific topics of material, you will grow in your expertise about the profession you have chosen. Plus, you will also have a better understanding of the business world in general. This helps to provide new perspectives on your work and insight into just how things get done at levels above where you are at right now. This type of growth is not only desirable, but advantageous when seeking out new positions either within or outside your company. That’s why the courses have such impact. You learn beyond what the individual lessons teach as it provides you with great insight into how the greater economy operates.

Technology keeps evolving and business and workplace demands keep evolving with the technology. Today’s professionals must stay one step ahead of the competition and always keep learning new skills.” Alex Genadinik Founder of Problemio. Author of 20 business books and over 100 business education courses.

Why Choose Continual Learning Courses?

The benefits alone are more than enough reasons to choose continual learning to be a part of your career. Of course, the personal growth that is acquired when taking the courses provides a new understanding that goes beyond the lessons learned.

The main reason you should start taking continual learning courses is to expand your knowledge to not only further your career, but to broaden your mind. You may find out that your current profession is not what you really want or perhaps you feel confident enough to start your own business. In any event, the lessons that you take will provide a pathway towards reaching your career goals even if you decide to change careers.

“In the increasingly fast changing world where new competitors and new opportunities are constantly surfacing, adaptation is key to organizational survival and also personal career growth. Continuous learning facilitates that ability to adapt. Books, executive education, and MBA programs provide frameworks and patterns that helps students understand their experiences so they can accelerate and apply their learning.” Sanyin Siang, author of The Launch Book, Social Media Influencer 600k+

You should consider taking continual learning programs from reputable services such as the Marketing and Networking University, Local Accredited Colleges, and even through your employer or through industry relevant organizations They offer an excellent way to learn new skills online so you can be recognized for your efforts at self-improvement. The key to continual learning is to never stop when it comes to improving your set of skills, whether you run a business or work for one.

What types of continual learning are you engaged in? Simply reply to this blog and tell me.

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