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Mary Magdalene's Message 1-7-19

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here with me as well. We say happy celebration of your new year, 2019, it is of grave importance that each of you begin to step into this frequency of energetic alignment, with the energy of Mother Earth, Mother Gaia. She has now risen in frequency at a very powerful and potent level, as she is merging through dimensions of density and heaviness, darkness and pain. It is as if Mother Gaia’s consciousness is now ascending, and the year of 2019 is a year of freedom. It is a year of celebration. It is a year that will allow all to move forward rather quickly, including Mother Gaia herself. As if all has been released from what you may call a suppression of energy, a stagnation of energy that has been held upon the earthplane. And all souls, all incarnate beings are now being released and freed, and this is indeed a year of celebration, it is a year of jubilation, as all move forward into this next stage of their development, all are ascending into the higher realms of light, as Mother Gaia and all those who ascend, step forward now.

We say to you, Dearest Children, please allow yourself to feel this energy inside of yourself. Feel the excitement, and feel the jubilation, feel the energy of freedom and celebration as you move into this new year. It is truly about letting go and letting God, and allowing your beautiful light to shine. It is about letting go and letting God, and allowing your beautiful light to shine as you celebrate the light that lives inside of you, the connection to the Great I AM, and the connection to Mother Gaia. It is of utmost importance, Dearest Children, that you stand in this frequency and stand in this light, and you stand in this love, and you stand in this essence of truth. Not only is this the year of freedom, but it is the year of truth, for all are standing in truth, allowing their voices to be heard, allowing their signature energies to be felt and seen. Those who have been suppressed, and those who have lived under suppression shall be freed. It is no accident, Dearest Children, that this energy here upon this planet is emerging at a critical time in evolutionary history. You see, there is much that is now being spoken of of gender equality, of human rights, of humanity’s connection to freedom. For this time in your civilization, there are so many that are seeking higher light, higher wisdom, higher truth, and so many are standing in their power and using their energy for good, and more and more will begin to stand up and use their energy for good, as the changes upon this planet begin to accelerate and you begin to see the light now overtake the darkness, and you will see those with courage stand up for truth. 

Those who stand in this vibration of freedom shall be supported by the Great I AM, and you, individually shall be supported by the Great I AM, and each of you as you stand in this light and this frequency and this love, shall feel the power beginning to grow within you, beginning to stir within you, as you begin to feel the excitement and the anticipation that something is anew within you, as if you were being reborn again, rebirthed again. Today, Dearest Children, feel the excitement as you allow your heart to open to this powerful, powerful frequency that is now being overlaid onto your planet in this year of 2019. I say to you Dear Sons and Daughters, please take a deep, inhaling breath and call in this vibration so that you may set yourself free. Call in this vibration so that you may set yourself free, feeling the essence and presence of joy, feeling the essence and presence and of peace, feeling the essence and presence of tranquility, allowing your heart to open to the energy of all that is. So, Dear Sons and Daughters, as you allow your life now to begin to move forward, begin to take matters into your own hands, as they say, begin to breathe in this vibration, call it in. Breathe it in, allow it to become a part of your lifeforce energy. Allow it to become a part of the energy of the essence of your soul, and breathe in the energy of freedom, breathe in the energy of release, breathe in this energy of enlightenment. 

As you shift your vibration into a higher level of light, may you know at this time that you are creating what we call the 100-monkey syndrome. As you begin to shift your consciousness, as you begin to stand in your power, as you begin to release the suppression of darkness that has been held over you and this current civilization, you are now creating the opportunity for all to ascend and all to rise into the truth of who they are. You are free. You are all free to serve, free to love, and free to be. Dearest Children, I ask you to hold this essence within your heart, and begin to feel the love, and feel the joy, and feel the transmission of your own divine power as you begin to honor yourself, love yourself, and feel this energy as you begin to move into this vibration. It is truly the vibration of freedom and truth. Do not allow yourself or another to hold you back from your truth. Do not allow the judgments of others to stand in the way of what you understand is your truth. Know that your freedom, as an individual soul, as a human consciousness, here as a powerful spirit is to be set free. 

Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, can you feel the energy merging within you? Can you feel the energy now beginning to shift within every cell of your being? Every fiber of your being? Every pore of your being? Can you begin to feel this energy as it transcends through time and space? You are now connected to energy of the Great One, the Supreme Creator, to Mother Earth herself. Can you imagine this energy now coming and opening in your crown chakra? Your vibration, your energy, your essence is free. As it was and is to be. Dearest Children, your frequency, your energy was created in freedom, was created in truth, and created in oneness. Throughout time there has been a distortion, and yet Dearest Children, today, in this moment called now, reclaim your power. Feel the love. Reclaim your power and feel the love. May the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. May you reclaim the power, may you feel the love, may you feel the essence and presence of this vibration that is now emitted upon the earthplane, this new energy. Feel the richness of the energy of the God essence, and the Goddess within you, as you now stand in your power, reclaiming your truth. 

I say to you Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, it is within each of you that you hold the key to all that you seek, as you now begin to honor the God and the Goddess within you, and you begin to stand in the truth of who you are, and speak your truth. And walk in alignment with the energy of Mother Gaia, as she is ascending, and she is returning back to her rightful position as the planet of love. Can you feel your vibration now immersed in love? Can you feel your vibration immersed in peace? Can you feel your vibration immersed in truth? As you stand in this frequency, and you feel the energy of the green healing ray of light now coming from your heart chakra, and as you begin to love yourself, may you begin to empower yourself, may you begin to feel the energy and the essence of Divine Love upon your soul. Dear Sons and Daughters, this is a powerful time, do not allow another moment to go by where you do not stand in the frequency of love, freedom and truth. Allow your heart to feel this connection to the earth, sending your love, sending your power to Mother Earth as she now begins her transmutation process and all souls upon the planet are now transmuting their energies from a lower vibration to a higher vibrational frequency of consciousness. Of unity consciousness, that we are all one, and that what one does affects another. 

Dearest Children know that you are the change you wish to see upon the world, and you can make a difference, one voice can make a difference. Use your voice for good, use your energy in alignment with the energy of unity consciousness, and with Mother Gaia, as you call in this energy of freedom, you shall be released from what we call the shackles that have held you back, as a prisoner within your own mind, within your own life, and you are set free. Doors will begin to open one by one by one, and doors will begin to open one by one by one by one, and all that you seek shall come forward. All the doors that you shall seek will begin to open, one by one by one. Just as Yeshua and I stand here in sacred balance with you, in union with you, and in harmony with you, may you feel this harmony and balance within yourself, and may you feel the love of God as you embrace the essence of the truth of who you are. Know Dear Sons and Daughters how important you are for the world, know how important you are to the world. Begin to honor yourself and set yourself free. The human condition of suffering, of lack of worth, of unforgiveness, of self-pity, of fear, hatred, anger, regret, guilt, there is no place for these emotions or energies to be held within your vibrational frequency, because now Dearest Children you are set free. You are free to be, you are free to love, and you are free to serve. 

I ask you Dearest Children of the Light, hold the energy of the truth of who you are, in your purest form, for all the world to see and all the world to know. Allow the purity of your heart to be your calling card, and others will feel it, and they will listen and they will seek your truth. They will seek your light. For as you extend your hand to another, you will begin to help others, as you have the courage to remain in alignment to your own soul essence, and to the energy of all that is, today is a day of freedom, it is a day of celebration, and you will see in this coming year so many changes coming forward, people having the power and the strength to unify, to come together, individually and collectively for change. They will stand together and unify, and they will not be afraid to speak their truth. Take the hand of your brother and sister, and each of you step forward and say yes, I am the change I wish to see, and I am here as a conduit of the Great Creator, to bring the light upon this planet, into my life, to bring that all is in my life into abundance, harmony and in grace. So Dearest Children of the light, know that the time is now that you have come forward to share and to receive.

Dear blessings may be upon you, merciful blessings are being laid upon you, blessings of the heart, blessings of the mind, blessings of the spirit as you enter into this sacred union with yourself, it is a time of deep contemplation, as you begin to look inside and to feel, why have I not allowed myself to love myself, why have I not allowed myself to be free, why have I not allowed myself to hold the sacred truth of my being. We say to you Dear Sons and Daughters, Mother Earth and her energy is now supporting you and you and Mother Gaia are ascending into the rightful place, of your rightful position as powerful beings of light. Yes Mother Earth is a living being expression and energy such as yourself. She holds a consciousness such as you, and she has agreed to hold this energy for all, so they too may move forward and rise in consciousness with her. So today it is a day of celebration, it is a day of freedom, it is a day of glory, and as you turn and listen to your heart’s calling, what does your heart call you to do, what does your soul call you to do, setting yourself free to be the expression of Divine Truth. As you open your heart today and begin to listen to that still, quiet voice from within, may you allow yourself to hear the power of your spirit, the power of your soul. Listen. Listen to the power of your spirit, to the power of your soul, listen and be set free. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Truly set yourself free, you are a living expression of Father/Mother God, and act accordingly Dearest Children, because this is the year that your energy is to be aligned to this frequency, and it will set you free. You will come into greater abundance, greater manifestation, and you will be able to create what you set out to do, when you came as a spirit into this incarnation, this is a year that you will come forward to complete the journey of what you came to do in this lifetime. So honor it, and respect yourself, and prepare yourself to receive. 

This is a day that God has made, it is good and it is rich, as you sit in the quietness and the stillness of your own soul, allowing the chatter in your mind to settle, feeling freedom. So, Dear Sons and Daughters, Yeshua and I stand with you, holding you in sacred balance, holding you in sacred union, so that you can move forward into your mission, complete your life purpose, and be set free. So, Dear Sons and Daughters, I ask that you hold this frequency within your heart, and you feel the truth of all that you are. Glory be to the most high, as you accept this gift of grace upon your soul, this is a gift that we bring to you today, it is of illumination, it is an awakening, it is an understanding that as you move forward into this new year of 2019, you have the power to change and to shift your life accordingly, to all that you deserve and all that is yours. This is truth, this is truth, this is truth.

Go now with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be, as you stand in the truth of this understanding that you have the power, you hold the power in alignment with this frequency. In this new year you will see many changes in your world affairs, and the lives of humans. For human rights shall now be received. The suppression will no longer be held over the human consciousness. For mankind has been enslaved by their own thoughtforms. Today I’m asking you to release your entrapment of your own thoughtforms so that you are set free. You may be at peace, and you may be still and know that you are loved. Loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension. Know that you are loved, the light that you hold, the peace that you hold and the tender mercy that you hold is felt within the essence of your being. So I say to each of you, open your heart, and the Great Creator and the Supreme One, and the energy of all that is holds you and surrounds you with grace. Today as you allow yourself to feel this strength and embodiment, and feel the love, you are holding this frequency as truth within your being. Just as Yeshua stand with you, as we stand with all beings of light, we are here, we support you, we support your sacred mission, and just as we have brought forth our own mission onto the earthplane over 2,000 years ago, and as we continue to hold this energy and frequency for all to step forward, to be in balance, to be at peace, and to live at harmony with themselves and all of life. This is the year for this to be accomplished, this is the year for this to be embodied, and this is the year that peace shall prevail within your heart, if you so desire. So, Dearest Children, open your heart to yourself, and feel the blessings that are now being poured upon you, and restored upon your soul. That you are returning back to your original essence, of the truth and the freedom and the love that you are. So Dearest Ones stand in the love, stand in the light, stand in the power and stand in this energy of all that is. 

We thank you for your willingness to hold your energy for the lightest light of all souls, and as you merge into this freedom, and as you stand in your truth, may you feel the love of God inside of you. May you feel the energy of Mother Gaia supporting you, and may you feel the light of God in every breath that you take, and every step that you take. May you feel the innocence of your soul as you now return back to unity and oneness with all that is. So Dearest Children, be at peace and stand in the light and the truth of who you are. This is your time, this is your now, this is your moment. Stand tall, stand proud and be at peace.

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