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What will you create in 2015?

If we have entered a new age then what proceed it was new ideas! One of those new ideas you may be investigating is that we are multidimensional beings active in both time and non-time simultaneously. What that means is we are straddling realities.

The things which are manifesting in our physical realm are teaching us how to manipulate energy into concrete objects and events. Physical events and objects are first formed in our inner ‘being by the beliefs and desires we aligned with at the moment.

There are endless probabilities which surround each and every event we

have experienced in our life but it’s the one we aligned with that manifested in our physical reality. All events were possible but the one we experienced was an expression of our thoughts, attitudes, and feelings at the time.

We may believe and have this knowledge but it can’t bring great changes until we apply it! Within us are the tools to transform a caterpillar into a butterfly. The question is are we ready and willing to apply ourselves to the process of change?

Our universe is practical and there are practical steps we can take to direct ourselves in the process of change. So knowing it has been thoughts, beliefs, and feelings which have created much of what we don’t want, it only stands to reason that they are the same tools we can use to create what we do want!

The key is to begin implementing ideas that are able to move us in the direction of conscious choice. In truth, there are many paths which will lead us there and we can choose the one which works for us but it’s up to us to explore those choices.

A few things I have embraced as truth which have helped me choose paths of growth are:

1. We are consciousness that has chosen to enter this physical realm to learn how to manipulate the building blocks of creation which is energy. Every thought and emotion we emit has an electromagnetic energy which connects to others like it and eventually manifests into physical events and objects.

2. We are always surrounded with every possibility for what can manifest in our lives. We choose what manifests though our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. That means the power to change our life resides and is governed by our inner self which is choosing what manifests in our life moment by moment.

3. Each of us is connected to a source of great power which resides within us. That power is always creating our physical reality and keeping us alive. It is also responsible for what is manifesting in our physical reality.

4. A way to start making conscious choices and use the power available within us is by beginning to listen to our inner voice’s advice and follow it. I once heard Oprah say that whenever she did not take the advice of her inner voice she ended up in a deep mess. I have found this to be true in my life too. Many times I have heard a voice trying to lead or warn me of the direction I was getting ready to take and then my intellect stepped into to quiet it. Reason took over and I ended up manifesting events and things I didn’t want! Hopefully I have learned from this and I now listen more attentively to my inner voice’s guidance.

As we align with this inner all-knowing voice in a deeper way we will begin to trust and allow it to guide us. We have come here to become powerful co- creators of a new reality and learning to make conscious choices is a key to our transformation and manifesting a new reality in our life!

What will you create in 2015?

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