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On May 28th I read an op-ed piece in The New York Times about climate change and the "ancients." I learned that we know about what happened 3,000 years ago thanks to the clay tablets which have lasted millennium and reminded me of the much "younger documents on parchment which I have consulted over the years telling the story of those who came before and what they did.


I started to let my mind wander back in time and then come back to the present and future.
I wondered what if the ancients had just had servers and the "cloud, "would we know what happened then which might teach us some valuable lessons on many subjects. And I wondered why the term "Cloud" was chosen in this century. After all clouds can change by the second and are far from stable. They bring storms, some devastating as we have seen. Clouds can be beautiful, but they are not permanent nor steady, so to speak in any way.


I understand the desire to keep records on the "cloud." For one thing it does save what I call "hard copy space" and money in office buildings and storage faculties. But I started "what iffing" about what a difference if would make if there was a concerted effort to keep records in the "cloud" and some down here on earth, so to speak as well.


This is what I wonder:


I wonder if before deciding what to send up to the "sky" if companies and non-profits consulted a records manager/archivist    and  perhaps even an historian;


I wonder if they have an upcoming anniversary or even one 10 or more years away which they plan to leverage;


I wonder if they think back 10 years to their "old" computers in a non IPad world or father back before Google,

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Or even further before the boom and bust;


I wonder if they wonder if the companies they use now will be here in 5 or 10 or 100 years, much less 3,000!!


I wonder if they thought about the companies they might have dealt with which no longer exist;


I wonder if they visit museums and see what has survived including "selfies" from hundreds to thousands of years ago including self-portraits by artists.


And lastly I wonder if they have considered keeping some more hard copy records than they have planned to do.


What if they want a history written say in 50 years and their records in the "Cloud" are gone, faded away and lost in "cybersky."


New technological developments doesn't mean discarding  some methods of preserving a country's or company's record of what it has done.



So in sum: the future is the next minute and these days time goes even faster as do technological changes.


If you came back in 10, 25, 50 or 3,000 years what would you like to find that you created now?! I asked Joanne Weiland, founder and CEO of LinktoExpert, a platform for experts to showcase what they do what she thought and she said:


"What if we implemented our ideas and planned to implement and recorded them in the same way the "ancients" did in hard copy form  as well as in the "cloud?

"What would the world be like in the future? If we record history only in the "cloud," what would those in the future miss knowing that might be helpful in the near or far future?" She added she advises people to keep some hard copy records given the

hacking, viruses and crashes, etc. and loss of information if some not kept."


Would those who come after know more about what we did then if we  the record only keep in on servers, up in the "cloud"?

I am NOT against the "cloud" but as we have seen recently, hackers are doing even more and they, of course,

can change documents on-line. So will those who come after know the truth and learn from it and maybe even save money by knowing. I once worked for a company whose head always asked me, before trying something possible new,

if they had ever done it before. And yes, in some cases they had and what we learned from our ancestors was a time and money saver!


My prescription: think far ahead sometimes and then back and then forward and ask what is still with us that if not  here would be a great loss AND what will people in the future want to know about us and what we did.

Imagine the future and serve it well and not just on servers. Yes, I know this is corny!


Comments welcome and may be included in the future if permission given.




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