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by Phyllis Barr

Phyllis Barr, President

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I was walking through a museum and it suddenly hit me that "selfies" are not new, far from it. They are hundreds of years old, maybe more. What else but "selfies" are the self-portraits of such great artists as Rembrandt? Museums are full of "selfies" painted hundreds of years ago. All that is new is the technology. And, of course, lesser as well as equally great artists painted or drew self-portraits.

And there were "selfies" taken by photographers in the 19th century. But photographs took much longer to take in the "olden" days. Not instantaneous and no way to send them around the world in the space of seconds.

What is different is the technology not the idea which may be very old.

Whereas now one can take a "selfie" in an instant, artists who painted self- portraits spent hours to days and more on their self-portraits. And to make them they needed, of course, not a camera, but a canvas of some sort,

paint, brushes and multiple talents. Check out the history of photography and how long it took to take a photo.

I wonder if self-portraits, just like story telling and content, go back even farther to a distant world thousands of years ago when early homo sapiens, and maybe even Neanderthals (about much has been learned lately) saw their faces on a shiny surface or some other surface and painted themselves on cave walls or carved their likenesses into stone! Do we know?

By the way, we now know that Europeans and Asians have 2-4% of Neanderthal DNA.

What does this all mean? In my book, and I know some may disagree,

we owe a lot more to those who came before than we know or acknowledge, in part because of the way history is taught, or not taught, and the same with art history. And attitudes towards history in this country, as if it is just musty and dusty and historians are the same nor moldy either.

So as I suggested in my blog for The New York Enterprise Report on what we can learn about story telling and content from early homo sapiens, cave paintings, ancient tombs and old trunks, perhaps visits to museum and historical societies are in order.

One of the collections to look at in some collections are the advertising collections. Story telling is not new, not in printed ads or on radio or TV.

Content is not new either.

By considering those who came before, we might avoid some problems and mistakes in the present and future AND consider what we need to leave behind for those who come after in hard copy form as well as in the cloud.

After all paper and parchment and stones last centuries! Will servers?

One more suggestions: go to a museum and take a modern day "selfie" with an older painted or drawn one or photographed one! Could be fun and a great lesson for kids. Look in your own family album and see if you have any early photographic "selfies" and take a photo with it and send it around the world to family and friends.

And thank those who came before, both family and friends and also those we never knew who walked on this earth a very long time ago. We owe them a lot.

Would love to hear comments on this.

Historically yours,


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