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In "Brothers, " a "Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode, Dr. Soong, the creator of Data and his brother Lore, asks Data why humans are so fascinated "by old things." Data replies that "humans are mortal, they seem to need a sense of continuity...a sense of purpose...."
Data was literally on the money! One just has to look at popular culture, fashion, restaurant menus (meat loaf, anyone?), advertisements and marketing campaigns to see that many companies are appealing to that need. The Jolly Green Giant and Charlie the Tuna are back and "Nick at Nite" and the History Channel are but  just some examples, diverse thought they be be. And more and more companies are celebrating both major and minor anniversaries.
What is "Corporate Memory Marketing"? It is leveraging a company's heritage, history and corporate culture as a marketing or fundraising tool. Corporate culture, of course, is made up of the who, what  when, why, where and how of a company and the people who ran and run  it and worked and work for it.
Why is it being used more and more? It is not unusual at a time of great change or the end of an era or century or millennium for people and companies to look back, take stock and seek with Data said: meaning, a sense of continuity and renewed purpose.
Many companies also realize that leveraging a company's past can appeal to the consumers desire for reliability and dependable as well as increase the trust factor and lower the risk factor in people's minds.
But this approach is valuable not only in reaching the consumer, but employees as well. Many companies include their history in employees training programs because they know that telling their "HiStory" makes them more effective employees and better sales people no matter what their position. It can also increase loyalty.
In addition, when companies merge or one acquires another, learning about each others' corporate culture makes for an easier trisection as the merged companies set about creating a new history and memories.
What is your HiStory? I would love to hear about it.
If you don't have a Story contact me to discuss the possiblility of creating one together.
Phyllis Barr, President
Corporate Culture Marketing by
Barr Consulting Services
& The Corporate Acculturation Management Practice
Phone: 212-765-6968
Corporate Culture Marketing assists
companies with leveraging the history
and heritage of a company, brand or
not-for-profit as a marketing or fundraising tool.
It specializes in leveraging anniversary
celebrations as a marketing or fundraising tool.
Services: Story Telling; Providing Content;
Consulting; Research; Editing;
Writing: Curating; Creating Knowledge
Banks;  Conducting Oral History interviews; Assisting
companies with corporate culture clash after
a merger;Cause-related marketing.

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