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Do You Want to Contribute to the Next Stage of Human Evolution?


Do You Want to Contribute to the Next Stage of Human Evolution?

For those of you who have read my work, you may have come to realize that I have a metaphysical bent. That may or may not appeal to you. But today, I am writing from that perspective to ALL of you, regardless of whether or not you subscribe to that perspective.


I am appealing to you to stretch your mind a bit and just be open to the ideas I am about to share, because they are THAT important. This month…right now…September, 2015… we have a monumental opportunity and a monumental responsibility to contribute to a transformative cosmic event that has never before been made available to us humans. We can assist in the raising of our individual energy vibrations and the collective vibrations of all humanity…or not.


This month marks the “completion” of long-awaited template or blueprint of our planetary shift into the Fifth Dimension, a level of vibration where only the highest and purest of intents can be maintained. Because we as a human group, with assistance from many “heavenly helpers,” have achieved the necessary level of spiritual growth, it is now assured that we can all collectively move into fifth dimension energies. From this higher perspective, will we be able to learn our lessons through conscious awareness of what really is, and not through hardship and pain. This guaranteed opportunity is now being solidified for us at the level of CAUSE. But is up to each of us to manifest it into our daily lives, down here in our world of “illusion” that seems real to us, but which is simply a co-created dream-state in which we do our learning and growing.


The key is to know what really is. Now, more than ever, we need to recognize that our “reality” is co-created by energies that come to us from the level of CAUSE, and then manifest according to the ways that we use the energies. We must begin to take more seriously the quantum physics realities that govern our universe because they also govern us. Our thoughts do things! They create our reality by “precipitating down” from the realm of CAUSE into our 3-D reality the possibilities and potentials that we focus our awareness on.


I appeal to you today to take this seriously, because we are getting a huge influx of very high vibrations coming into our realm during this month, and again, because of the laws of physics, this higher vibration will increase that which is present in our minds. If you are a “Negative Ned or Negative Nellie,” consider this. Your negative mindset will magnetize to you exponentially more “like” (negative) energy than has ever been possible before. You can no longer afford the “luxury” of negative thinking! It is too destructive.


What really is, from the level of CAUSE (the only “true” reality) is Oneness and the awareness that all is Love.


 Please make a wise and loving choice to keep your mind in the highest, most loving energies that you can generate. Refuse to “entertain” negative thoughts. If the fears, doubts and worries that you already have seem to get stirred up, remember that you are in charge of you mind. Change your thoughts toward the positive. Ask for help from your Higher Power to maintain only a positive, hopeful certainty that ALL is WELL.



Rita Milios, The Mind Mentor, is a psychotherapist and spiritual coach from Kissimmee, FL.  Call 863-496-7223 to discuss how spiritual coaching sessions may assist you in your personal and spiritual growth.

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