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Live Your Life as Though Your Life Depends on It!

Going through your day on automatic pilot dulls your senses, lowers your creative energy, makes you susceptible to distractions and limits your perception of what is possible. You lose the passion and purpose that contribute to enjoying your life and protecting your health. When you are present, focused and engaged, you are “playing full out.” You are so involved in living that you feel invincible.

My life is very busy professionally. It is a challenge to have quality time with family, especially with the grandchildren. I wish I had spent more time playing with my two children when they were young--one of the few regrets in my life. Happily, I get a do-over with the grandchildren. Several times a year my husband and I visit them or they visit us. I keep things simple so I can give them my full attention. We do fun things with them. Most of all, I love when they climb in bed with us in the morning to cuddle and laugh about silly things. My intention is to be “with” them—a goal that gives me pleasure and keeps me young.

Whether you are 16 or 80 years old, do not settle for a “C” experience when an “A” is within your reach. Here are three tips to help you “play full out”:

Be aware and mindful – Pay attention to what is happening on the outside and the inside. Outside: Look around; a creative solution to a challenge may be right in front of you. Inside: Notice what motivates you. When your values align with your actions, you will have experiences that make you feel good—a sure way to change your physical chemistry and stay healthy.

Pursue excellence – Challenge yourself to find the most effective and efficient way of learning something new, doing an activity or mastering a skill. Gather the information you need to be outstanding. Commit to the learning process, which includes lots of practice, and find the delight in your improvement. As you “play full out,” celebrate the small accomplishments; they are preparing you for the big ones.

Make your goals compelling – Create goals that inspire and motivate you. They are more likely to get your full commitment and be achieved easily and effortlessly. When your goals are exciting, you wake up feeling enthusiastic about your day. When an activity becomes routine or dull, you have an opportunity to find new ways to make it more interesting and fun. For example, involve other people in a task or play uplifting music while doing it. You might find yourself smiling.

“Playing full out” allows your true self to experience life to its fullest. The payoff—you become your best, feel more alive and accomplish the extraordinary. It could mean getting your ideal job, healing quickly from an injury or making a new friend. With awareness, commitment and purposeful action, you create a life worth living one day at a time. Positive consequences are inevitable when you live rich, meaningful moments. Make them count!

Where in your life do you “play full out”?


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