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Four Tips to Clear Emotional Clutter

Spring appears to be an ideal time to clear the clutter, clean those difficult to reach places and polish visible surfaces in your home. Inspired by the renewal energies of the spring season, you might be ready to take spring cleaning to a new level by clearing your emotional clutter. You will liberate yourself from the oppressive feelings that drag you down, disempower you and contaminate your relationships. The payoff to clearing negative emotional patterns is good health, serenity and feeling ALIVE!


Awareness is the deep cleaning agent of the soul. It indicates when something is out of alignment and enables you to recognize the correction. Below are some insights and actions that eliminate self-sabotaging emotions:


Replace guilt and shame with acceptance – Stop blaming yourself as well as others, life and God. You will have more energy to invest in what you want to accomplish. When you no longer function from the need to be right or perfect, you can let go of the judgments and emotions that hold you captive. You will feel much happier as you participate fully in your relationships and life. Stay out of blame for one day or live a day in total acceptance of yourself and others; notice how it feels. Be aware that acceptance does not exempt you or others from accountability and consequences.


Replace anger and resentments with your personal power – Assess what is making you angry. Once you identify it, take some action to rectify it. You might need to change your perception, speak up, leave a negative situation, or something else. If your anger is focused on destruction alone, it may be out of control. Carrying too much anger and resentment from the past is detrimental to your body, mind and soul. To regain a sense of peace and empowerment, you need to understand its origins, find ways to release it, and move on. Working with anger constructively, you might ask yourself, “What needs to happen for me to get rid of this anger?” Once you have identified it, take some action, even if it is to change your own attitude.


Replace fear with trust – Recognize the difference between fear triggered by real life events and fear generated by your thoughts. When you are preoccupied with fear based thoughts about the past or future, you rob yourself of enjoying what is happening in the present moment. When you trust that you are able to cope with life events, get your needs met and make the most of the present moment, you have overcome irrational fear. A more pervasive sense of trust is yours when you develop a positive attitude toward life. Act as if a power greater than yourself is leading you to your greatest good and sustaining you. Begin feeling this connection for an hour or a day; unshakable trust develops over time.


Replace self-doubt with confidence – Believe in yourself even though you are still learning and growing. This quiets your inner critical voices and gives you a protective shield from the criticism of others. Confidence comes from being at one with yourself, standing in your personal power and sharing your uniqueness with others. Learn from your mistakes and life lessons rather than feel diminished by self criticism or the judgments of others. Connect to your magnificence every day—feel it. Then share it.


As you become aware, commit to change and take purposeful action, you will find creative ways to eliminate negative emotions. The benefits are well worth the effort. The inner sanctuary of your being will sparkle with more light, power and love. Your whole being will smile!!


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