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Google Search Plus Your World (SPYW) Impact On Web Marketing

10 Apr 2012 | Posted Under Blogging
If you are not aware, since the beginning of 2012 there has been hot debate going on about Google’s Search Plus Your World algorithm.

Google aims to incorporate in their search results content that has been influenced by social signals. It means that social content of the people you know which has been missing in SERPs will now appear alongside websites, blogs and webpages of the people you don’t know.

With this update, Google says it wants to bring your world much closer to you. Now you can be able to get in your search engine results information from people you connect to on social sites, in this instance, Google Plus.

Considering that Google Plus is not the only social media networking site, you would expect uproar from other social media sites. The debate is centered mostly around relevance of search and on the other hand competition.

An article posted on Web Pro news titled Google vs. Facebook: The “Search Plus Your World” Saga Continues seeks to add more fuel to the already hot debate.

The articles talks of how twitter is complaining that google search results now contain less of twitter content. According to twitter, this is not healthy to the future of internet search.

Facebook and twitter claim that google search results are giving more preference to Google Plus content. This is also in cases where there is more relevant content on facebook and twitter.

On the other hand, google is saying that their results are derived from open web and that the two major social sites have blocked google from accessing their data.

In the highly charged article, twitter is said to respond to this allegation by agreeing that they sure have blocked some of their data due to privacy issues. But they go further to say that it has not blocked stuff that is considered public and yet google search results are still dominated with Google +1 content.

google search plus

By the look of things, these accusations and counter accusations are set to go on for a while. If you ask me, this is to the advantage of online marketers (read on to find out more on that).

Most web marketers claim that Google Search Plus will erode the gains that have been made on online search.

What online marketers are worried about is that Google is out to promote their social site, Google Plus at the expense of search results. In a bid to outwit other social sites, Google seems to be giving more prominence to Google +1 in their search results even when Facebook and Twitter have more relevant content.

According to Iprospect, Google is looking to include more in their search results content that have been influenced by social activity.

SEO marketers should beginning bracing themselves for more algorithm updates that will be influenced by Google Search Plus.

All indicators point to one direction, google is integrating all their google services of which Google Plus is one of them.

From your Google +1 profile, google will be able to follow your activities in terms of content you generate. In addition, google will be able to measure your social influence depending on how fast or how many people share your content.

Ranking is going to be based on how many people follow you as a result of finding you on search engines. For example, if someone enters in the Google search box your brand name and ends up following you; that will count a great deal when comes to site ranking.

In short, optimization of your Google +1 profile in terms of backlinks and use of relevant keyword phrases is definitely going to play a major role in your overall site ranking.

Taking into account that Google plus is not the only service provided by google, you can bet other services like YouTube activities have been included in Google Search Plus Your World algorithm.

Therefore, the more people who view, subscribe, share, rate highly and like your YouTube videos the more you will appear in SERP’s.

Herndon Hasty who is an SEO expert and an Associate Director at Iprospect says, Google is working overtime to incorporate social signals and content into google search results. The result of this is to ensure that their users get the most relevant results and in so doing encourage return visitors.

To some extent, this is going to be a big gamble by Google considering that Search Plus Your World algorithm is dependant on Google +1 success.

In order to fully integrate social signals/proof in google search result pages, google will need to work harder to increase the number of subscribers to their Google Plus service.

In addition, they should work on making Google Plus more user friendly thus ensure more activities. These are two areas that will help to correctly measure social share.

Failure to take the above recommendation will result in irrelevance since search results will have more of Google plus but little or no valuable information. It will not take long before users go to other search engines.

What does all this spell to you as a web marketer?

I will reiterate again the importance of social media marketing. If google, the top search engine is looking to cut for itself a niche in this field, it means there is something valuable in social networking.

Google then goes further to incorporate social signals into its algorithm; again another indicator that tells you there is something we as online marketers are yet to decipher about social media.

If you want to build a brand name on the internet you must have accounts on all major social networks. These include:

Facebook with over 850 Million subscribers

Twitter with over 450 Million subscribers and still counting

LinkedIn with over 150 Million users and counting

Google Plus with about 100 Million members and still counting

The number you see on Google plus has happened in a space of only 1 year. If Google +1 subscriber rate continues this way, in 5 years they will definitely solidify their dominance on the internet.

What are you waiting for? Right now is the time to put your business on Google Plus. Open an account and claim your name on Google +1 and Google places (if you haven’t claimed yet).

As you actively participate on facebook and twitter, also increase your level of activity on Google Plus. This will ensure that you get favored by Google Search Plus thus boost your placement on Google results.

When it comes to imagery, it has been noted that image sharing on Google Plus is gaining more and more publicity on search results. The same also applies to videos that people share on Google +1.

All webmasters and bloggers have now been offered a great opportunity to increase traffic to their site. Google Search Plus Your World (SPYW) algorithm should be good news to you as an online marketer.

As people and companies engage in hot debates of whether what google is doing is right or wrong, you should be taking advantage to boost your site traffic.

As you seek to add more followers on twitter and fans on facebook, work on increasing the number of people in your Google +1 circles. Connect your site to your Google profile and ensure you have a Google Plus button installed on your webpages.

Since you do not know whether Google Search plus will be a success or not, either way there is nothing to lose by opening an account.

One thing is for sure, Google + success is pegged on how people adopt to the service. This is what is going to determine the influence of social content on search results.

Someone once said, the more the merrier thus google has to work on its numbers if ultimately Search Plus Your World is to see the light of day.

The dice has been cast, whichever side it falls, it’s all good with me.

Do you think SPYW will have the desired results that Google is looking for?

Share your views in the comment section provided below.

If you have friends that need to know how google is changing their algorithm formula to give more preference to social signals, you can like, +1, share or tweet this blog post.

Author: Stephen Kavita

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